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All American Teachers is an online school dedicated to personalized learning. Whether you are planning to advance your career by improving your English or you would like to brush off on your skills, you can log in into our website and take a course with us, from basic conversation to advanced level and everything in between. Our classes are real-Just like the certified teachers who teach them. Business owners, teachers, international chefs, artists, and university students use our programs to success on their own time and schedules.

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Our experts are fluent in English because they were born and raised in the USA. Our teachers are professionally certified and specially trained in order to help you to boost your career or pass an exam or reach your goal, whatever it is, our team is here to assist you on every step of learning.

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  • New York, New York
  • MA in TESOL
  • CELTA Certified
  • 7 years teaching experience
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  • Los Angeles, California
  • English and Communication
  • TEFL Certified
  • 3 years teaching experience
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Our English program is an opportunity for student, for whom Our English program is an opportunity for student, for whom  English is not a native language. To learn employability, life and academic skills ( i.e., Second language acquisition) according to  the Adult ESOL Curriculum Framework of the Florida  Department of Education. Online English language school gives the students the chance to study and learn English. Our online English classes are made for everyone who would like to learn american english online

Our Goal

Many students think that English is about learning grammar consonant, vowels and vocabulary, these form the basic foundation of language however if you want to be understood one speaking American English and if you want to understand native speakers it is essential that improve your stress and rhythm. Rhythm and stress can be taught only by native speakers


Orlando, Florida, United States of America

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